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  • Adrian Dorobantu
    Adrian Dorobantu

    Hi all ,

    I have some issues while i have installed the KBB launch and played with it and i would appreciate some help .

    1) Doesn’t matter what i do but my pass does not show the image strip on any device , even if i have changed the whole image strip or only the dimension , is still the same.
    2) After the detection hub it does not continue automatically but I get the reminder 5 minutes later and I can install the pass . Why ?
    3) After step 2 Device detected and install pass it does not fire step 3 Vip Pass Installed automatically .
    4) Facebook pixel – events and mobile wallet , you have suggested to install the pixel on the website and create an event after , etc . I do not have a website yet , there is any workaround ? I have already put the code on my templates and program but without the contact event


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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