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    This was posted by a new member: Michael Ramos

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently joined the MME group and had my expectations blown away from how awesome this whole program is!

    I finished the intro video, the zapier live training and the mobile wallet live training (which I will re-watch again soon!) I have a couple of questions or point I would like to clear up before proceeding just to make sure I’m on the right track.

    #1 I understand the best (or recommended) practice is to have a separate Developer Account ($99 a year) for each client wishing to integrate mobile wallet. Then creating the Pass Id for that account.

    #2 After joining MME Platinum I get 1 pass ID for 1k wallets and I can pay $29 per month to upgrade to 10k pass ids + the extra perks. I understand this is best used to demo and once I wish to integrate something like the City Bot the recommended thing would be to create my $99 account since the Pass Id isn’t transferable.

    #3 I believe in the Mobile Wallet David mentioned the importance of letting a client know we would be creating the account and managing the wallet program for them, and if they canceled then all of those would disappear.

    – What if the Business Owner decides they want to create the $99 account just so they keep everything in the case they canceled? Would we be able to manage their accounts that way or is it something you would strongly recommend against?

    Thanks in advance and glad to be part of this awesome group!



    Michael: #1 The developer’s account is not for your clients, it’s for you as an agency so you can create however many unique Pass Type IDs you need for your clients.

    #2 The free 1K pass account you get with your membership doesn’t allow you to create ANY loyalty programs. If you’re planning on doing that, you’ll need to immediately upgrade to the $29/mo program. This level gives you 5 unique Pass Type IDs and 10K passes. You can use this account for yourself and multiple demos, 5 small clients who won’t need many passes (if they need to upgrade to their own account, all their passes will be lost), or a single business that will need up to 10K passes. If it’s a large business that might need more than that, then you should put them on their own $99/mo mobile wallet account which gives you up to 100K passes.

    #3 A business owner cannot have a MW account of their own. They have to be a Platinum member in order to use this proprietary software.

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